Wednesday, July 22, 2009

As you know v.v.l is here now and we are getting along just great :)
School's been busy , i think?
I actually studied today during add maths, i tried to study chemistry but aina wanted her book
back so ):
Accounts was boring as usual, accounts class is a perfect place to fall asleep.
As Aina call it, when the teacher explain about accounts it's a perfect lullaby, because
she talking like word by word by word and *snores*
yesterday had YE meeting but i was busy helping kah sim with the zippers which is awesome
now i can sew it (: *proud* I have 2 more to do >.<>
at the moment, i am suffering from a flu, it is very irritating.

So this are the few words that i learned in german:
Auf Wiedersehen - good bye (formal)
tschuess (informal)
Hallo - Hi, hey , hello
Du bist verruekt - you are crazy
ich hasse dich - i hate you
ich liebe dich - i love you
druncken - push
eins, zwei,drei - one,two, three
so still - so quiet
guten morgen - good morning
gute nacht - good night
danke - thank you
von - from

Yep that's all i currently know how to say and spell it (kinda)

My cheek hurt don't know why .

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