Friday, December 10, 2010


all i can say is omygosh.
yes i've finished high school.
SPM is over.
i'm so freak out.
i'm going to miss the uniform, annoying teachers, school and mostly my friends!
so it's been 2 days, and i've like got so many things to do!
bought like 5 books today, should really get the reading mood back.
i think in total i have like 1o books inline to read D:
any who , i'll keep an update soon.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lantern Fest

i debated whether i should go for the lantern fest outside my house. I was feeling really lazy since i would get mosquito bites and all D: But anyway i did go because RL and KS came so i had to walk around with them, at first it was totally BORING but it got better when we started to see people we knew all around, lots of people from school came ;) P8 is da BOMB!
Anyways i hanged out with Aina too
we walked around and hanged out, talking talking yada yada.. thats about, oh yeah not forgetting i met up with shawty, and the rest of 1992 grouppe. Didn't really know what are their names D: sorry! haha, it's like no one can differentiate me and my sister anyway, SOME' people.
The sad part is we did not play candles D: i miss those times! Shall do it next year! Who cares if were off age ;P

"you egotistic bastard.."

Friday, September 17, 2010

My heart doesn't beat fast yet.
But my mind constantly flickers an image of you programmed into my brain.
what should i do?
i can't just say it's love yet.
maybe as time passes by, love can be develop.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

i'm having this bubbly feelings inside me again. BAD BAD BAD!
1 minute
2 minutes
3 minutes
4 minutes
5 minutes..
argh trying to restrict myself.

"i can't help myself.."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i know i suck at writing and im trying to learn how to write like a real blogger but it takes time. So this is my style of writing, hate it? screw u :D

It all started with a study group with Aina , more like a gossip group haha.
OK we were multi-tasking :P So it isn't so bad!
We were also suppose to have a MOVIE NIGHT TOGETHER! So A suggested to go over her house and we can have one. It was really FUN!
had some delicious mouth watering Raya cookies :) I was actually wearing my thermal Pajamas, and i was like literally complaining most of the time how HOT it was and A was like what kind of Pajamas are you wearing, haha in the end i had to wear one of A's cause i was like dying of hotness , i felt so much better after that and it was freezing when i woke up in the morning. Coming to that part! So we slept at 4am because we were bullying shawty! it was so funny and fun :D Oh and ofcourse not forgetting Aina's beau! Couldn't stop talking about him the whole night through. We woke up late from one alarm snooze to another, we got up rushing around chaos! just kidding haha wasn't like that at all.
oh oh oh! i so forgot to mention the part we tried with the polaroid , it was awhsome ;)
we took two awesome pictures, one made us look as white as ghost coz we had a makeover haha it was superbly scary, ok im exaggerating again but that's me :P anyways i have to second one with me now, i'll try upload it but it's not like anyone cares, so whatdaheck!? haha.

Monday, August 30, 2010

i wonder when is the time where i can talk to my group of friends freely.
for now do i even have one? sure i do but it's only maybe for a 10 minutes - 1 hour talk?
and then next day their off with their own groupies.
it's like i don't know where i belong.
i just wish for once i want to know where i belong.
To be able to talk to the person, and the person who talks the same way back.
It's not like a one time thing. It truly makes me sad..

Saturday, August 28, 2010


i had a major break down yesterday.
Don't ask me why , well obviously no one will because nobody reads this blog.
So, i was browsing through all the OLD CD's yes nobody use CD's this days but WHAT THE HECK!?
I found my legally blonde CD! So i decided to watch it which made me feel a whole lot better!
I suppose i have to get back to my old life back.
It was one mistake , if you can't take that much then you're not worth my time.

Friday, August 27, 2010


i really should forget this shit and move on right?
thank you so much. NOT

it's weird how you're excited for something and it doesn't turn out something that you want it too.
Happy+trouble = depressed.

you know what, i really wanted to watch it with you but looks like it's not going to happen.

Monday, August 23, 2010

i would be lying if i say i don't miss you.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


i wonder if that's how you treat every other girl.
i'm suspicious.

can i really trust you?

when it ends, it starts all over again.

why can't a find a good word to write?
what's my fcking problem?
i have so many questions to be answered.

i love it when my phone goes "DING" .

my head is terribly empty ):

Saturday, August 21, 2010


it's weird how when i'm sitting down doing nothing i have so many things going
through my head and ideas of what to write pops up but when i sit in front of the computer
my mind just goes BLANK!
it's so PATHETIC.
I really should have to habit of bringing a small notepad along anywhere i go so i can jot down my ideas but im just PURE LAZY.
i really hate that word.
i know i should really stop and i will.
Lately, i've been talking "bedroom tours" on youtube to get some idea for my room.
i really need a new closet obviously im not going to get one.
But i went to IKEA today and got a funky' Bedspread which i totally ADORE
I also saw this really awesome bed that i wanted to much and it only cost like
Rm500 + which is quiet reasonable because lots of the normal queen size bed i see around
cost like a 1000 + .

"you got me there"

Friday, August 6, 2010

unforgetable moment.

A moment that i had never felt in my life time.
Someday i would like to feel it again.
your presence beside me, made my stomach flipped.
i felt over the top.
Even though it all happened in silence.

someday, maybe i'll get my chance.

for now i'll just look from afar and dream.

Friday, July 30, 2010

letters to juliet

Do you believe in Destiny?

So i have been dying to watch this movie and i finally found a decent one that i can watch properly online sadly it's not very clear but it was tolerable.
I'm so going to get the DVD , such a sweet romantic movie .
If only life is like what we see on movies.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Either way i am alone.
what's the matter with me?
i should make a promise, when i am out of high school
i want to be a better me, not this naive an shy girl.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


seriously you are COMPLICATED.
i don't know what to make of you.
You think you're all high and mighty?
with your perfect grades and everything.
i especially don't get your mood swings.

i thought you were my friend.
and friends do not treat each other like that.

two face bitch.

This blog could be for anyone, it might not and it might be you.
who knows. -

Sunday, July 25, 2010

a best friend.

A best friend shares every secret with you,
Lends you a shoulder when you need it,
comforts you when you're sad or depress,
motivates you when you feel demotivated,
helps you in anyway he/she can,
most importantly an everlasting friendship.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Once again i abandoned my blog, it's not that i want to but i just don't have the mood to write my story which is filled with complains.
"in life we can't get everything we want, without trying."

Sometimes i wonder who my real friends are. Do they understand me?
do i understand me? i asked myself.
Sometimes i feel so miserable and i don't know who i should talk to.
Can he/she comfort me?
I feel so alone, and wonder when will i get someone who i can trust most.
Someone who's a truly good friend and listens to my bad and good times.
Times when i need you most, you would be there to talk to me.

i'm wondering what you people see in me.
it's so hard sometimes that i feel like starting over.
Maybe soon, i will.

with love,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Second Post ; For RACHEL

here's the story of my holiday trip to New Zealand.
(i hope i remember what i did :P)

2nd June 2010,
I had to go to school to take exams even though it was PJK and Sivik. I wasn't feeling excited at the time and Aina kept cursing me to miss my flight. Yes my flight was at night around 9 something?
When i got home i started to feel really excited! MOVING ON! i felt like tearing up when it was time to wave my mom good bye but after i went in i felt much better and back to my excitement mode. It felt very natural flying alone actually well not alone but with my sister, still it's without parents :P We ate a lot during the flight my stomach was like BLOATING madly. 10 hours of flight wasn't easy after not flying for that long for a long time and i think this flight was the longest for me. Not sure how long it took when we went to Australia but for sure it's less than 10 hours because we flew pass Australia.
When i arrived there i thought it was going to be cold but it wasn't that cold. there were sniffer dogs there too yes in the airport itself. They were so CUTE looking. OH! did i mention we had special assistance? so we did not have to cue up at the immigration and stuff. It's nice being young and flying alone :) The people there are like super nice too.
On the way to my aunt's house we can see BEAUTIFUL CLOUDS that looks so fake and unreal but it is :D So PRETTY!
Place we visited were Coromandel Peninsula, Rotorua, Lake taupo, Mount Victoria, Mount Eden.
Love them all! New Zealand is place with lots of beautiful sceneries but other then that there is nothing much to see.

About school, i saw lots of KOREAN's :D They even have a korean supermarket there but im sure we have it here too but i bet it's expensive :P The stuff in NZ at the Korean supermart wasn't that bad it was quite okay. We had Rice cakes too it was NICE (: and the places that we visit (mention above) we saw koreans there too , yes talking in korean of course :)
Megan can actually translate some stuff of what they are saying, that's because most of her best friends are koreans :)

AUCKLAND CITY was amazing, it's like out of a movie. We saw lots of asians.
Supermarket is way better than the malls, malls there are actually BORING!

During my stay, mostly i had to stay home because aunt was sick. So i spent time watching IRIS and HANA KIMI (Japanese version) .

well it's late so i might continue .. some day (:

hope this is enough for you :D ♥

Monday, June 14, 2010


Dear Rachel,

i wrote a really long post.
Suddenly the whole thing got ERASED!
so im not going to write the whole thing again :)
maybe later if i feel like it :)


saranghaeyo <3

Friday, May 21, 2010

i want you but you're just so fcking arrogant.

People like you shouldn't get any attention from me.

i FCKING Screwed my exam papers.
No surprise there.
2 and half weeks left before i am OUT of here.
I need a breather.

This place that i live in ,
it's just too depressing.

I want to be young again.
To be innocent and not know anything.

Thank you so much for telling the whole world.

Why are you so hard to please?

I should stop now right?
But i can't.
I suppose it takes time.
But i don't want to let go.
Why am i being so stubborn?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

You have this unique look that i love so much. ♥

It seems that every time i blog it would be like few months later.
So i decided to update this blog since it's already been so LIFELESS.
What's new with my life?
Well there has been some stuff going on lately,
but that's just for me to know (:

Last saturday,
I had the most AMAZINGG ♥ Party ever.
Thank you Mummy and Daddy for making this happen.
Thanks everyone who came even though it was so LAST MINUTE.
ILY so much ♥

They think their some rock stars xD


My SEXY Bitches ♥

Midterms are like next week.
So i am pretty much SCREWED!

; i turn 17 in 12 days <3

"I admit it. I think of you every second. You're my fave subject to talk about. When I hug you, I wish I could never let go."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

beyond words.

Lost, dissapointed, betrayed, hurt, sad.
Annoyed, pissed, angry, hatred.

I'm feeling all of the above.

that's all i have been feeling lately.
i guess my dad is true, it isn't easy finding a true friend.
You may think that , that person is the one but it turns out it's not.
Somehow even if we do know the history, it is bound to repeat itself.

i thought i could count on you but you let me down.

it's takes time to build a relationship, but it can just disappear in a second.
This world is just like a roller coaster.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Life is filled with complications. Why?

it's weird how i can get inspired while just walking around , sitting around.
but once i start writing my head goes BLANK.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Languages that i would REALLY love to learn.

FIRST - Mandarin

SECOND - Korean

Third - Cantonese

Forth - Japanese.

Maybe i'll do just that during my free time ' if i have any :/
all the languages are almost alike >.< so it ain't easy i could get easily confuse.
*sighs* why didn't i learn chinese earlier? ): i regret it now.
English maybe powerful but those languages are getting more powerful.

we weren't meant to be.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


The Stage
(see the blue lights? :D)

Rachel i know you look pretty ' and i look UGHH.
(at the parking lot at stadium bukit jalil)

The atmosphere of it was just so AMAZING, more then amazing that i can't put it in words.
The concert was FANTASTIC the best that i have ever been :)

20.03.2010 BEST DAY EVER!

I would really like to thank my Aunt bee yin for getting me and my sister the tickets!
even though the sit was not that fantastic but it was still SOMETHING and i really appreciate it!

i think.. KYU HYUN saw me and my sister. It all happen when a girl gave us a banner that says
"MR.KYU JUST4U" and i was waving it like MAD" he wasn't that near but still.
He was scrunching his eyes i think trying to make out what the words were saying , so i got the feeling that he saw it, saw me and my sister and did this eye sign that he saw us! the best memory EVER! KYU HYUN SARANGHAEYO~!

The light and sound effect was AWESOME~! until i think i've gone quite deaf haha..
the blue lights that all the fan was waving it's really PRETTY! It felt like a DREAM.
i've never been to such concert before and i intend to go for MORE in the coming FUTURE!
Maybe i would get a part time job :) It would be really nice =D

Si Won was HAWT HAWT HAWT with the abs and muscles *melts*
But ofcourse KYU HYUN is still the BEST. His the PRETTY BOY ♥♥♥
Shindong was so CUTE haha his the cutie pie :P

they also sang CHUU~! it was awesome =DD

Nevertheless , the rest are AWESOME too =D
i feel sad that its over now but there's always and end to something that starts'.
and im lucky to be able to even attend the concert so im very thankful!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

U Smile

Holiday has begun and i have no idea what to write.
Lets begin with Friday.
I skipped school , as there isn't much to do on that day it was actually a farewell
event for Pn.Lucy. She isn't my teacher so i don't know much about her although my sister
told me that she cried, and there were some performance which i wanted to watch but since
i skipped school i missed it oh well, it was worth it as we were heading to Cameron Highlands
after my sister was back and i only woke up at 11 i think. We were all rushing as usual
i did not pack until the last minute.

On thursday i skipped school too sort of as i had a stomach flu.
So bassically i went to school and went back home.
Didn't do much, i slept at home most of the time :) Although i did not want to skip school
as on friday i had already plan to skip school, anyway whatever that's the past.

Cameron highland trip was good, the weather was NICE and COOLING.
Not like here in the lowlands, where it's HOT and HUMID.
i miss the weather there.
We didn't do much basically stayed in the hotel room, had steamboat at night.
It was drizzling. Not forgetting Tea and Scones. I just LOVE ♥ Them.
After a night at cameron highlands we went straight to my hometown in Perak.
We had a Luncheon and Dinner wedding there.
It's a really long story but Kampung style wedding is seriously really different from
City wedding. Like for the luncheon you can actually just wear your shorts and house shirt and
go that's what most of the people wore, when i went there i was like laughing. Dinner wasn't
too bad but as usual The Tiong Family are the most best presentable ones :) we all had our
nice clothes on :P and the Entertainer was seriously hilarious my cousin couldn't stop criticizing her. if you were there you will totally understand me.
After dinner we went back straight so we arrived around 12? it was pretty tiring.

Yesterday, i went out my my sisters and other foreign exchange student.
We had Carls Jr. Which was very feeling and heavy and expensive but worth it because
the bigger was an american size bigger. If you hadn't had one try it :)
That's how American's have their burgers, HUGE. well bigger then the Mcdonald ones.

I went shopping too, bought a new
Eye Liner
Hair Clip.
Well including food i spent about Rm100
It's quite ok as the dress only cost about RM39 :D

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Songs that i currently love "You're Beautiful's OST" .
The songs are seriously addictive and good :D
i Promote it :P

Birthday wish (i know it's ages but hehe ) :
1. Pink Digital Camera
2. iTouch
3. Paris Hilton or Hello Kitty Perfume
4. You're Beautiful soundtrack
5. the last song book
6. Clothes
7. Bags

More to come..

I slept at 6 am again :)
i bet you're wondering why..
well that's for me to know and for you to NOT find out :D
Woke up at 8 left to the shop at 9 had meeting with Aunt Jennifer regarding to
the figure skating judge training, boy it was boring no offence but obviously with my
lack of sleep so i was yawning alot , eventhough i tried not too but it's how human works when
you do not have enough sleep :P
i had MCD's today i think i've had enough of them for awhile now.

TAE KYUNG ♥ shin woo♥ Jeremy ♥

Saturday, March 6, 2010

5 minutes PARTY.

3 days of AGONY is OVER.
That was fast !@$#$~
I thought it would take like forever but somehow
exam days seem to pass by faster then normal :P
Anyways, the teacher marks our paper like a leopard running.
I already gotten back quite a number of papers.
so here are those that i have got back.
It kind of an eye sore but what can i say? :P

Sejarah - 61 %
Bm - 52% (thank god i did not fail :P )
Add maths - 25% (thought i could have passed :/ )
Modern maths - 46% (not so great either )

That's all for now, i actually only got 15 marks for add maths but the teacher did not mark properly and thanks to AINA she checked for me and i got another 10 marks :P

Moving on from this tedious part.

Actually i haven;t done anything that intriguing.
Except i slept over at Aina's on Wednesday :D
it was a blast :P i went over at about 8pm? Slept at 2am? yes on a school night :P
i was studying *kind of* , watching tv and chatting on the itouch hehehe :P

till then,
Cher Minn♥ ~

"You make me smile :) "

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today was a fairytale ♥

Guess what!?
I slept at 7.00am today hahaha.
Insomniac wannabe. :P

AINA! i have no idea how you went without sleeping.
i Suppose anything is possible for you aye? :P
Anyhow, i still love ya ♥ hahaha.

I woke up at 12.00 something, i kept waking up and going back to sleep because i was
so exhausted staying up late 2 nights in a row. Never done anything like this before.
Holiday's coming yay but exam first boo! Atleast it's only 3 Days. It ain't that bad :P
Then on Saturday there this dumb kursus or whatever S*** that i have to attend.
Means no staying up late on friday :/ Can't watch my drama till the next morning UNLESS
i don't sleep at all :P i've never tried that maybe i should :D

baby baybeh baybeh ohhhh!
i thought you'll always be minee.. haha..
Go justin bieber another succesful song of his :P

Mom cooked Green curry today and it was delicious , i had 2 servings and by time i was almost
yes almost done i was too full and almost puked. HAHA! Never be too greedy :P

Here are some NEWS:
Bad news is there's school tomorrow
Good news is i get to see Miss Aina Nabilah again!

~let's fall inlove again~!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's it like to kiss under the fireworks?

So finally i changed my layout :)
Credits to megan hoo, thank you so much ily♥.
I was getting really sick of the old layout.
There aren't many choices lately, where have all the creative people go?
i wonder..

sorry i was daydreaming about god knows what.
isn't it fun crapping around? :P
me think so.

Did i mention i slept for 2 hours yesterday?
plus 1 hour of my afternoon nap = 3 hours of sleep.
My gosh i think i'm becoming insomniac.
I was woken up at 8 something as i had to follow my dad to the shop.
Me and dad went Shoe shopping , his shoe was becoming like a beggars shoe already
maybe beggars have better shoes. After 2 shops we finally got one that satisfy him.
Next destination was POPULAR! "heaven" unfortunetly i went there not to buy storybooks
but educational revision books eg physics,chemisrty,listerature and ect. (im sure you know
that but im just making this update longer..) hehe..

Mom made Bak Kut Teh for lunch :D it was tasty!
Before that i had Popoye's with my dad at sunway but we shared since we had to eat lunch
at home too. Chicken was goood!

Watched The Spy Next Door, personally i thought it was BORING.

exam's in 2 days and what have i been doing? :O
CherMinn STUDY! *scolds herself*


Look what i just found :)

ask me something/anything :D
It's 3 am and im still awake.
i feel like an owl hooting :P

hmm i feel hyper at this wee hour.
i am also HUNGRY/famished!
I want some mcdonalds Sighs*
if only i had a driver to bully and take me to get my mcd's.
Anyways ask away! :P


Friday, February 26, 2010


i'm hungry :P
Being R A N D O M is fun isn't it?
So lately lots of things have been happening but it's a long story which
i will just cut it short.

oh ya, btw

Love you always~! ♥

hope you had an enjoyable one. ♥

so guess what!?
i got a new phone :) and it's a BLACKBERRY~♥
i love it loads.

Recently, i have been back to my reading mode all because of michelle!
i thank you actually for borrowing me "THE LAST SONG" and it's the most amazing and best
book ever! It's my new favourite book :)
The book was filled with all kinds of emotions, humour, sadness,anger , happiness and love.
*spoiler* i even cried while reading the sad part like seriously i just get so teary .
Even the ending was amazing. The most satisfying book ever :)
i am so excited for the movie :P

i suppose i will end it here ~ ♥

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Friday, February 12, 2010


Hey ya'll

the last i update wasn't a good one :P
it was filled with anger.
Anyway im okay now.
i doubt nobody is reading this blog anyway so what the heck!?

it's already FEBRUARY!!! yes time flies.
This coming sunday is


no, i don't have a valentines how boring but i got presents ;D
i got a mug from Mun hoh (thank you!) as a friendship thing :)
and for charity.
Chocolates from Aina♥ and Wei heng.
Thanks guys i heart you guys!
i still owe you guys Chocolates though (:
will get you some after school
or you can just come to my house for Chinese New Year.

i actually have alot to say but im just not in the mood to type it all out :P
so i am keeping this update a brief one :P

if i don't post any updates soon i wish you guys





♥Cher Minn♥

Saturday, January 16, 2010



3. (lessons to ppl) N E H


i want to watch "love story in harvard!
it actually seems pretty interesting , i am more into the law then the romance :)
one thing about law is you need passion for it or you'll study till you drop.
Like seriously look how freaking THICK the study books are. :O


LOL now i need to clean up my cupboard my clothes are in a mess can't stand it!

anyways good news is i finish my school homework :)))
But i still have my add maths tuition homework ):
oh yeah and there's some school add maths that i do not know how to do
which i will bring it to tuition and ask for my teacher's help because the
school teacher sucks and does not know how to teach students
he is also "pilih kasih" . Picks the best and the worst kids to teach
and left the middles ones to fend for themselves.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A walk to Remember

Another week flew by..
It has been another hectic and busy week!
what more extra curiculums are starting next week which will be more exhausting!
I got in to the Editorial Board which is awesome.
I got in the same them as Yvonne and michelle the graphic team :)
Since we had stayed back for our first meeting today we finished late then usual.
We were suppose to wait till our transporter to come but we were too eager to get home.
So me,natasha and stefan walked all the way home from school!
It was my first time walking home from school in all my life it was a great experience
but also a very tiring one. It was kinda hot but sustainable.
Anyways, finally it's a weekend so i can watch my drama
"love story in harvard"
it's alright kinda draggy but oh well it's an old drama :P


Saturday, January 9, 2010


this is just a random update i have not much to say but i wanted to just
write something :)
"in the blogging mood out of a sudden"
i am currently watching Princess Hour again and yes for the THIRD time.
So today i went to KLCC for the education exhibition
and the university's that has truly caught my eye is Taylors college (lakeside campus)
so bloody cool! but $$ is also cool! LMAO
Next, is LimKokWing the name is yucky but the designing and stuff looks so freaking cool!
Nottingham is also not so bad! well i have still 1 year to decide!
this is a major decision i have to make and it's deffinetly not easy ):
i need guidance to this.
Probably i can find some counselor to help me :)

Friday, January 8, 2010


*Bonus -> 2010 picture, lol not much of a difference aye?*

Sorry it's been ages since i posted ):
i have been really busy this days!
Since school has also already started it's hard to blog everyday
and also i am restricted to weekends only ):
unless i am willing to wake up at 5am-6.30 am which i'll probably fall asleep in school
so i'd rather not!
isn't it fast the time flew by and one week of school is over.
Before you know it *sound of horror plays*
well i am not going to talk about that now till time comes .

btw a late

I spent my new years in Phuket, well i arrived on the 29th
and return on the 1st January 2010.
So it was like a FRESH NEW CHER MINN! returning to Malaysia.
I still have yet to upload the phuket pictures on facebook, it's just that
my schedule is now pretty hectic with school and tuitions and also
Extra-curriculum activities.
Talking about that i was picked as "wakil tingkatan 5 for Rumah Merah"
GO MERAHHHHH! well i was not really picked it was kind of accidental
which is also another long story.. that i am not going to type out.

well that's my update for now xD
Bye! ♥