Friday, January 15, 2010

A walk to Remember

Another week flew by..
It has been another hectic and busy week!
what more extra curiculums are starting next week which will be more exhausting!
I got in to the Editorial Board which is awesome.
I got in the same them as Yvonne and michelle the graphic team :)
Since we had stayed back for our first meeting today we finished late then usual.
We were suppose to wait till our transporter to come but we were too eager to get home.
So me,natasha and stefan walked all the way home from school!
It was my first time walking home from school in all my life it was a great experience
but also a very tiring one. It was kinda hot but sustainable.
Anyways, finally it's a weekend so i can watch my drama
"love story in harvard"
it's alright kinda draggy but oh well it's an old drama :P


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