Friday, January 8, 2010


*Bonus -> 2010 picture, lol not much of a difference aye?*

Sorry it's been ages since i posted ):
i have been really busy this days!
Since school has also already started it's hard to blog everyday
and also i am restricted to weekends only ):
unless i am willing to wake up at 5am-6.30 am which i'll probably fall asleep in school
so i'd rather not!
isn't it fast the time flew by and one week of school is over.
Before you know it *sound of horror plays*
well i am not going to talk about that now till time comes .

btw a late

I spent my new years in Phuket, well i arrived on the 29th
and return on the 1st January 2010.
So it was like a FRESH NEW CHER MINN! returning to Malaysia.
I still have yet to upload the phuket pictures on facebook, it's just that
my schedule is now pretty hectic with school and tuitions and also
Extra-curriculum activities.
Talking about that i was picked as "wakil tingkatan 5 for Rumah Merah"
GO MERAHHHHH! well i was not really picked it was kind of accidental
which is also another long story.. that i am not going to type out.

well that's my update for now xD
Bye! ♥

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