Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Nobody can resist his freaking body :P
What team am i?
i honestly can't decide.
First i was really into EDWARD but then he seriously looks like a drug addict in the movie
but i totally adore him in the book!
For JACOB his seriously HOT in the movie and i can't seem to stop drooling :P
like seriously look at his abs!
But in the book not so much :P
in my twilight world i have to choose two :)
So it's 50 / 50 =D

i already bought my tickets online so i don't have to worry on not being able to get tickets
on that day, thank you mummy :) i love you!

so we were suppose to go to sunway lagoon tomorrow but yvonne is SNIFFING away so
i decided we cancel it ); BOOOOOOO!
So i asked xanthea if we could hang out tomorrow since we haven't really hanged out
since like standard 4? but her mom's in a bad mood so we can't go out ):

so what can i do tomorrow?
comment awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Movie GALA

Just finish watching this movie with my mom.

I love this movie, it's so HILARIOUS!
Me and my mom laughed like crazy watching this movie xP
At first it thought this movie was so boring looking at the cover and everything but
when i watched it , it was the best among the other 3 DVD's i bought!
well technically my mom bought them =P

So you know HOLIDAY has officially begin!
I have been watching lots and lots of movies.
As you know my sister's keeper is a book right?
i've just recently watched the movie, me and my mom couldn't stop
crying while watching it.. i think i cried more!
that's because i have read the book which is more detailed..
The movie is a little different though.. just a tiny wee bit.
All in all it's a good and sad movie

Everyone is so sight for the MOVIE!
i envy people who has already watched it!
stinky malaysia is only showing it on the 26th november which is few days
away , to be exact 3 more days =DD i think i can handle that i hope i can get tickets for it

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sorry for not updating for so long..
i've just lost some interest in blogging..
anyways here's an update just for you guys :)

This was on victoria's 17th birthday that she wanted so badly.

I somehow like this picture :)
this was after having cake and food .
taken in the park it was slightly raining and i had to have an umbrella with me
as i just did my hair :) so it's straight again and i have a side ways fringe which
i don't really look that good in.

The early arrivals :)
Edwin,Regina and Sharmaine :D
Cher ninn and her pretty punky short hair (: i love!

Primary School Mate's :)
now all grown up and still in touch :D
this was taken in the club where we also celebrated v's birthday since she wanted
it so badly.. I had fun on this day it was cool! Unfortunetly sharmaine was sick and couldn't
sleep over ): I have to start making plans for the holidays.. talking about that..
i need to enroll in some tuitions too..

Yesterday, i went to watch 2012 it was AWESOME!
next NEW MOON, can't wait!

today i went for undang with Yvonne,KS and stefan
i had to wake up at 6am ofcourse i woke up like 6.10?
haha.. took a cold shower!
The driver arrived about 7 something..
the stupid thing only started at 9 something and it was PURE TORTURE!
the most tedious CLASS EVER! i am not joking the person who conducted it
tells alot of lame jokes and it was trying very hard not to sleep.. everyone was too actually.

so that's for now MEGAN COMING SOON!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


My day started out ordinary.
Woke up early to go to KL as my dad had some errants and i was just tagging along.
After that we headed to sunway for a while and i got MA NEW GLASSES and bought
my contact lenses :)

Like it? :P
i totally love my new glasses (: hahhahah
Anyways later on had to get ready for sharmaine's surprise party!
Me,natasha,cher ninn and vicky :D was fun.
i actually wore make up, thanks to simran's help she help out with the make up.
anywas moving on!
It didn't turn out like a surprise but she was surprise hahah anyways it was cool!
Everyone started walking towards the swimming pool.
natasha, vicky and ninn were running away form stefan and oscar because they
wanted to push them into the pool and they actually went inside to the gents room!
yes the males's bathroom it was hilarious.
I was the first victim who go into the pool.
i was walking towards them and then i saw stefan looking at me knowing he was going to push
me into the swimming pool, oh yeah before that he and oscar jumped into the pool first.
so went to this pol and hugged it like my dear life, but he was too strong and he grabb me pulling
me towards the pool i was screaming and SPLASH in just that moment i was soaking wet
inside the swimming pool. I got pushed in twice, well the second time was carried
stefan carried me and natasha into the swimming pool while we were struggling to get away from
him. I got scratched on my toe it's stingging. LOL but whatever i had the BLASTEST time
ever :D


ps i have pictures but i will have to upload it later coz it's late and i have to study for
tomorrows ACCOUNTS exam which i haven't im just too happy now, was so funn.

Cher Minn.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

i Like Him, but i Love Him.

My brain is about to explode by trying to consume all this stupid informations
for exam. 5 more freaking days.
I need to get out of this country , just to take some breather.
I need to breathe in a different air for a while.
Preferably somewhere cold and not hot like here.

So nothing much has been going on, i know i didn't post on halloween day.
Puteri 8 actually celebrated halloween thanks to natasha,natra,jeet and the others
who put effort in organizing this.
I didn't dress up as anything :( haha maybe next year?
im lazy to post the pictures up too so go look at facebook, hahah or natahsaA blog
she updated hers about the halloween day :P

Haven't been online much either because of exam.
Nothing to do much either if i go online..
Everyone's not online and i miss them!

i don't even know what im going to do after exam.
I might take up something , im still thinking..
Megan and her family are coming soon :)
So excited (: