Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Movie GALA

Just finish watching this movie with my mom.

I love this movie, it's so HILARIOUS!
Me and my mom laughed like crazy watching this movie xP
At first it thought this movie was so boring looking at the cover and everything but
when i watched it , it was the best among the other 3 DVD's i bought!
well technically my mom bought them =P

So you know HOLIDAY has officially begin!
I have been watching lots and lots of movies.
As you know my sister's keeper is a book right?
i've just recently watched the movie, me and my mom couldn't stop
crying while watching it.. i think i cried more!
that's because i have read the book which is more detailed..
The movie is a little different though.. just a tiny wee bit.
All in all it's a good and sad movie

Everyone is so sight for the MOVIE!
i envy people who has already watched it!
stinky malaysia is only showing it on the 26th november which is few days
away , to be exact 3 more days =DD i think i can handle that i hope i can get tickets for it

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