Saturday, November 7, 2009

i Like Him, but i Love Him.

My brain is about to explode by trying to consume all this stupid informations
for exam. 5 more freaking days.
I need to get out of this country , just to take some breather.
I need to breathe in a different air for a while.
Preferably somewhere cold and not hot like here.

So nothing much has been going on, i know i didn't post on halloween day.
Puteri 8 actually celebrated halloween thanks to natasha,natra,jeet and the others
who put effort in organizing this.
I didn't dress up as anything :( haha maybe next year?
im lazy to post the pictures up too so go look at facebook, hahah or natahsaA blog
she updated hers about the halloween day :P

Haven't been online much either because of exam.
Nothing to do much either if i go online..
Everyone's not online and i miss them!

i don't even know what im going to do after exam.
I might take up something , im still thinking..
Megan and her family are coming soon :)
So excited (:

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