Sunday, November 8, 2009


My day started out ordinary.
Woke up early to go to KL as my dad had some errants and i was just tagging along.
After that we headed to sunway for a while and i got MA NEW GLASSES and bought
my contact lenses :)

Like it? :P
i totally love my new glasses (: hahhahah
Anyways later on had to get ready for sharmaine's surprise party!
Me,natasha,cher ninn and vicky :D was fun.
i actually wore make up, thanks to simran's help she help out with the make up.
anywas moving on!
It didn't turn out like a surprise but she was surprise hahah anyways it was cool!
Everyone started walking towards the swimming pool.
natasha, vicky and ninn were running away form stefan and oscar because they
wanted to push them into the pool and they actually went inside to the gents room!
yes the males's bathroom it was hilarious.
I was the first victim who go into the pool.
i was walking towards them and then i saw stefan looking at me knowing he was going to push
me into the swimming pool, oh yeah before that he and oscar jumped into the pool first.
so went to this pol and hugged it like my dear life, but he was too strong and he grabb me pulling
me towards the pool i was screaming and SPLASH in just that moment i was soaking wet
inside the swimming pool. I got pushed in twice, well the second time was carried
stefan carried me and natasha into the swimming pool while we were struggling to get away from
him. I got scratched on my toe it's stingging. LOL but whatever i had the BLASTEST time
ever :D


ps i have pictures but i will have to upload it later coz it's late and i have to study for
tomorrows ACCOUNTS exam which i haven't im just too happy now, was so funn.

Cher Minn.

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