Sunday, June 27, 2010

Second Post ; For RACHEL

here's the story of my holiday trip to New Zealand.
(i hope i remember what i did :P)

2nd June 2010,
I had to go to school to take exams even though it was PJK and Sivik. I wasn't feeling excited at the time and Aina kept cursing me to miss my flight. Yes my flight was at night around 9 something?
When i got home i started to feel really excited! MOVING ON! i felt like tearing up when it was time to wave my mom good bye but after i went in i felt much better and back to my excitement mode. It felt very natural flying alone actually well not alone but with my sister, still it's without parents :P We ate a lot during the flight my stomach was like BLOATING madly. 10 hours of flight wasn't easy after not flying for that long for a long time and i think this flight was the longest for me. Not sure how long it took when we went to Australia but for sure it's less than 10 hours because we flew pass Australia.
When i arrived there i thought it was going to be cold but it wasn't that cold. there were sniffer dogs there too yes in the airport itself. They were so CUTE looking. OH! did i mention we had special assistance? so we did not have to cue up at the immigration and stuff. It's nice being young and flying alone :) The people there are like super nice too.
On the way to my aunt's house we can see BEAUTIFUL CLOUDS that looks so fake and unreal but it is :D So PRETTY!
Place we visited were Coromandel Peninsula, Rotorua, Lake taupo, Mount Victoria, Mount Eden.
Love them all! New Zealand is place with lots of beautiful sceneries but other then that there is nothing much to see.

About school, i saw lots of KOREAN's :D They even have a korean supermarket there but im sure we have it here too but i bet it's expensive :P The stuff in NZ at the Korean supermart wasn't that bad it was quite okay. We had Rice cakes too it was NICE (: and the places that we visit (mention above) we saw koreans there too , yes talking in korean of course :)
Megan can actually translate some stuff of what they are saying, that's because most of her best friends are koreans :)

AUCKLAND CITY was amazing, it's like out of a movie. We saw lots of asians.
Supermarket is way better than the malls, malls there are actually BORING!

During my stay, mostly i had to stay home because aunt was sick. So i spent time watching IRIS and HANA KIMI (Japanese version) .

well it's late so i might continue .. some day (:

hope this is enough for you :D ♥

Monday, June 14, 2010


Dear Rachel,

i wrote a really long post.
Suddenly the whole thing got ERASED!
so im not going to write the whole thing again :)
maybe later if i feel like it :)


saranghaeyo <3