Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sorry for not updating for so long..
i've just lost some interest in blogging..
anyways here's an update just for you guys :)

This was on victoria's 17th birthday that she wanted so badly.

I somehow like this picture :)
this was after having cake and food .
taken in the park it was slightly raining and i had to have an umbrella with me
as i just did my hair :) so it's straight again and i have a side ways fringe which
i don't really look that good in.

The early arrivals :)
Edwin,Regina and Sharmaine :D
Cher ninn and her pretty punky short hair (: i love!

Primary School Mate's :)
now all grown up and still in touch :D
this was taken in the club where we also celebrated v's birthday since she wanted
it so badly.. I had fun on this day it was cool! Unfortunetly sharmaine was sick and couldn't
sleep over ): I have to start making plans for the holidays.. talking about that..
i need to enroll in some tuitions too..

Yesterday, i went to watch 2012 it was AWESOME!
next NEW MOON, can't wait!

today i went for undang with Yvonne,KS and stefan
i had to wake up at 6am ofcourse i woke up like 6.10?
haha.. took a cold shower!
The driver arrived about 7 something..
the stupid thing only started at 9 something and it was PURE TORTURE!
the most tedious CLASS EVER! i am not joking the person who conducted it
tells alot of lame jokes and it was trying very hard not to sleep.. everyone was too actually.

so that's for now MEGAN COMING SOON!

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