Saturday, January 9, 2010


this is just a random update i have not much to say but i wanted to just
write something :)
"in the blogging mood out of a sudden"
i am currently watching Princess Hour again and yes for the THIRD time.
So today i went to KLCC for the education exhibition
and the university's that has truly caught my eye is Taylors college (lakeside campus)
so bloody cool! but $$ is also cool! LMAO
Next, is LimKokWing the name is yucky but the designing and stuff looks so freaking cool!
Nottingham is also not so bad! well i have still 1 year to decide!
this is a major decision i have to make and it's deffinetly not easy ):
i need guidance to this.
Probably i can find some counselor to help me :)

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