Sunday, March 7, 2010


Songs that i currently love "You're Beautiful's OST" .
The songs are seriously addictive and good :D
i Promote it :P

Birthday wish (i know it's ages but hehe ) :
1. Pink Digital Camera
2. iTouch
3. Paris Hilton or Hello Kitty Perfume
4. You're Beautiful soundtrack
5. the last song book
6. Clothes
7. Bags

More to come..

I slept at 6 am again :)
i bet you're wondering why..
well that's for me to know and for you to NOT find out :D
Woke up at 8 left to the shop at 9 had meeting with Aunt Jennifer regarding to
the figure skating judge training, boy it was boring no offence but obviously with my
lack of sleep so i was yawning alot , eventhough i tried not too but it's how human works when
you do not have enough sleep :P
i had MCD's today i think i've had enough of them for awhile now.

TAE KYUNG ♥ shin woo♥ Jeremy ♥

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