Saturday, March 6, 2010

5 minutes PARTY.

3 days of AGONY is OVER.
That was fast !@$#$~
I thought it would take like forever but somehow
exam days seem to pass by faster then normal :P
Anyways, the teacher marks our paper like a leopard running.
I already gotten back quite a number of papers.
so here are those that i have got back.
It kind of an eye sore but what can i say? :P

Sejarah - 61 %
Bm - 52% (thank god i did not fail :P )
Add maths - 25% (thought i could have passed :/ )
Modern maths - 46% (not so great either )

That's all for now, i actually only got 15 marks for add maths but the teacher did not mark properly and thanks to AINA she checked for me and i got another 10 marks :P

Moving on from this tedious part.

Actually i haven;t done anything that intriguing.
Except i slept over at Aina's on Wednesday :D
it was a blast :P i went over at about 8pm? Slept at 2am? yes on a school night :P
i was studying *kind of* , watching tv and chatting on the itouch hehehe :P

till then,
Cher Minn♥ ~

"You make me smile :) "

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