Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today was a fairytale ♥

Guess what!?
I slept at 7.00am today hahaha.
Insomniac wannabe. :P

AINA! i have no idea how you went without sleeping.
i Suppose anything is possible for you aye? :P
Anyhow, i still love ya ♥ hahaha.

I woke up at 12.00 something, i kept waking up and going back to sleep because i was
so exhausted staying up late 2 nights in a row. Never done anything like this before.
Holiday's coming yay but exam first boo! Atleast it's only 3 Days. It ain't that bad :P
Then on Saturday there this dumb kursus or whatever S*** that i have to attend.
Means no staying up late on friday :/ Can't watch my drama till the next morning UNLESS
i don't sleep at all :P i've never tried that maybe i should :D

baby baybeh baybeh ohhhh!
i thought you'll always be minee.. haha..
Go justin bieber another succesful song of his :P

Mom cooked Green curry today and it was delicious , i had 2 servings and by time i was almost
yes almost done i was too full and almost puked. HAHA! Never be too greedy :P

Here are some NEWS:
Bad news is there's school tomorrow
Good news is i get to see Miss Aina Nabilah again!

~let's fall inlove again~!

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