Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's it like to kiss under the fireworks?

So finally i changed my layout :)
Credits to megan hoo, thank you so much ily♥.
I was getting really sick of the old layout.
There aren't many choices lately, where have all the creative people go?
i wonder..

sorry i was daydreaming about god knows what.
isn't it fun crapping around? :P
me think so.

Did i mention i slept for 2 hours yesterday?
plus 1 hour of my afternoon nap = 3 hours of sleep.
My gosh i think i'm becoming insomniac.
I was woken up at 8 something as i had to follow my dad to the shop.
Me and dad went Shoe shopping , his shoe was becoming like a beggars shoe already
maybe beggars have better shoes. After 2 shops we finally got one that satisfy him.
Next destination was POPULAR! "heaven" unfortunetly i went there not to buy storybooks
but educational revision books eg physics,chemisrty,listerature and ect. (im sure you know
that but im just making this update longer..) hehe..

Mom made Bak Kut Teh for lunch :D it was tasty!
Before that i had Popoye's with my dad at sunway but we shared since we had to eat lunch
at home too. Chicken was goood!

Watched The Spy Next Door, personally i thought it was BORING.

exam's in 2 days and what have i been doing? :O
CherMinn STUDY! *scolds herself*

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