Tuesday, March 16, 2010

U Smile

Holiday has begun and i have no idea what to write.
Lets begin with Friday.
I skipped school , as there isn't much to do on that day it was actually a farewell
event for Pn.Lucy. She isn't my teacher so i don't know much about her although my sister
told me that she cried, and there were some performance which i wanted to watch but since
i skipped school i missed it oh well, it was worth it as we were heading to Cameron Highlands
after my sister was back and i only woke up at 11 i think. We were all rushing as usual
i did not pack until the last minute.

On thursday i skipped school too sort of as i had a stomach flu.
So bassically i went to school and went back home.
Didn't do much, i slept at home most of the time :) Although i did not want to skip school
as on friday i had already plan to skip school, anyway whatever that's the past.

Cameron highland trip was good, the weather was NICE and COOLING.
Not like here in the lowlands, where it's HOT and HUMID.
i miss the weather there.
We didn't do much basically stayed in the hotel room, had steamboat at night.
It was drizzling. Not forgetting Tea and Scones. I just LOVE ♥ Them.
After a night at cameron highlands we went straight to my hometown in Perak.
We had a Luncheon and Dinner wedding there.
It's a really long story but Kampung style wedding is seriously really different from
City wedding. Like for the luncheon you can actually just wear your shorts and house shirt and
go that's what most of the people wore, when i went there i was like laughing. Dinner wasn't
too bad but as usual The Tiong Family are the most best presentable ones :) we all had our
nice clothes on :P and the Entertainer was seriously hilarious my cousin couldn't stop criticizing her. if you were there you will totally understand me.
After dinner we went back straight so we arrived around 12? it was pretty tiring.

Yesterday, i went out my my sisters and other foreign exchange student.
We had Carls Jr. Which was very feeling and heavy and expensive but worth it because
the bigger was an american size bigger. If you hadn't had one try it :)
That's how American's have their burgers, HUGE. well bigger then the Mcdonald ones.

I went shopping too, bought a new
Eye Liner
Hair Clip.
Well including food i spent about Rm100
It's quite ok as the dress only cost about RM39 :D

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