Sunday, March 21, 2010


The Stage
(see the blue lights? :D)

Rachel i know you look pretty ' and i look UGHH.
(at the parking lot at stadium bukit jalil)

The atmosphere of it was just so AMAZING, more then amazing that i can't put it in words.
The concert was FANTASTIC the best that i have ever been :)

20.03.2010 BEST DAY EVER!

I would really like to thank my Aunt bee yin for getting me and my sister the tickets!
even though the sit was not that fantastic but it was still SOMETHING and i really appreciate it!

i think.. KYU HYUN saw me and my sister. It all happen when a girl gave us a banner that says
"MR.KYU JUST4U" and i was waving it like MAD" he wasn't that near but still.
He was scrunching his eyes i think trying to make out what the words were saying , so i got the feeling that he saw it, saw me and my sister and did this eye sign that he saw us! the best memory EVER! KYU HYUN SARANGHAEYO~!

The light and sound effect was AWESOME~! until i think i've gone quite deaf haha..
the blue lights that all the fan was waving it's really PRETTY! It felt like a DREAM.
i've never been to such concert before and i intend to go for MORE in the coming FUTURE!
Maybe i would get a part time job :) It would be really nice =D

Si Won was HAWT HAWT HAWT with the abs and muscles *melts*
But ofcourse KYU HYUN is still the BEST. His the PRETTY BOY ♥♥♥
Shindong was so CUTE haha his the cutie pie :P

they also sang CHUU~! it was awesome =DD

Nevertheless , the rest are AWESOME too =D
i feel sad that its over now but there's always and end to something that starts'.
and im lucky to be able to even attend the concert so im very thankful!


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