Saturday, July 24, 2010


Once again i abandoned my blog, it's not that i want to but i just don't have the mood to write my story which is filled with complains.
"in life we can't get everything we want, without trying."

Sometimes i wonder who my real friends are. Do they understand me?
do i understand me? i asked myself.
Sometimes i feel so miserable and i don't know who i should talk to.
Can he/she comfort me?
I feel so alone, and wonder when will i get someone who i can trust most.
Someone who's a truly good friend and listens to my bad and good times.
Times when i need you most, you would be there to talk to me.

i'm wondering what you people see in me.
it's so hard sometimes that i feel like starting over.
Maybe soon, i will.

with love,

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