Saturday, August 21, 2010


it's weird how when i'm sitting down doing nothing i have so many things going
through my head and ideas of what to write pops up but when i sit in front of the computer
my mind just goes BLANK!
it's so PATHETIC.
I really should have to habit of bringing a small notepad along anywhere i go so i can jot down my ideas but im just PURE LAZY.
i really hate that word.
i know i should really stop and i will.
Lately, i've been talking "bedroom tours" on youtube to get some idea for my room.
i really need a new closet obviously im not going to get one.
But i went to IKEA today and got a funky' Bedspread which i totally ADORE
I also saw this really awesome bed that i wanted to much and it only cost like
Rm500 + which is quiet reasonable because lots of the normal queen size bed i see around
cost like a 1000 + .

"you got me there"

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