Saturday, July 11, 2009

Aina's birthday bash :D

I was last to be awake, Everyone actually woke up so early .
So i didn't want to be the odd one out so i woke up too about 8 something?
Edwin and the others asked me to go to the futsal court but i decided not too.
Me and family went out for lunch at puterimart. I had fried keuy teow ? (forgot how you spell it)
After lunch, we went to the shop where they sell the heater? because i needed one for my toilet.
The one in my toilet is like so retarded, The way the water come out like air kencing.. So little.. haha! My mom keep asking again and again to the sales person if they the one she wanted but they already told her that it was out of stock. Anyway, we finally made our decision and bought one that she agrees with. After that we went to the furniture shop to get a new bed for my sister, I KNOW she gets a new one and i have to stick to my old creaky bed but i got a new chess drawer and it's white :) my sister has one too , i'll have to share mine with vvl >.<>
It all cost about 1000+ with my dad's stuff also for his office , so we got something free and the free stuff was a freaking dumb plate! Don't ask me what plate, i didn't even bother to check.
We drop by to the lighting shop to get some lights for my room , sister's room and for dad's office. yep the last time i checked i need new lights it's really deam the light in my room.
Mom wants to get a ceiling fan for me too because she's afraid v can't stand the heat.
Ninn is sick at the moment, hope she get's well soon, talking about that i 'd better go take some vitamins before i sleep :P

Today was Aina's birthday bash :)
No pictures, only with me and yvonne but i don't have it with me.
Helped aina with the preparation.
It was kinda awkward alot of guys were there .
I think there were more guys then girls.
So anyway, at first Rachel and KS not coming but they did luckily!
This yvonne also, first say coming, then not coming then COMING.
nothing better to do.
Toward the end the party went good. Aina and ginsky along with natasha were acting some romance thingy' i don't know can't really hear what they were saying. HAHA!
And then the fun begins! When mikhail was pushed into the swimming pool first *SPLASH*
Can't remember who was next, i knew natasha was the third because me and yvonne pushed her in :P she wanted to go in anyway x) So the people that i know went it was Rachel,KS,yvonne,nitya and the rest i don't know because i had to go home, mom came to pick me up :P so that was it .

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