Saturday, August 1, 2009


First of all, i smell like BBQ smoke.
Which is so STINKY!
I'll tell you why later..

Young Enterprenuer Sale '09.
I am usually not a morning person but today i was up and cheerful? in the morning.
V woke up like immediately too, usually both of us were very blury and tired but today was
not one of those days. I had to bring the christmas tree for decoration for the sale home, and i
forgot to bring it down with me but luckily V reminded and took it down for me.
I am still blur in the morning.
Even my dad was wide awake, he drove us to school from there we took the bus.
We left about 7 -ish? we left kammelia by mistaken but she came by her own .
We thought we were late because our shift was at 7.30am but when we got there
alot of school's had not arrive yet, we were one of the earlier once.
It was pretty dark but not so dark that you can't see.
I was also in the first shift, had to decorate the place and stuff.
I think our school did great, and so did the others (:
Forgot to mention that we had to wear school uniforms which is so lame.
But most of us either change into normal clothes or the YE t-shirt.
So after my shift was done, i went to change into my outing clothes.
Had breakfast at MCD with ed and v.
I went shopping for abit with v , bought a new lipbalm, crazeeps , that's about it.
Not much, but yet i am totally broke.
After this, Dad took us home to get ready for a kenduri , Didi's brother getting married.
It was nice, i love the theme colour. It was really hot though.
After this, my dad sent my sisters and i to pyramid as i had my shift at 3.30 - 5.30 pm
but both my sisters can shop, so unfair.. but hey no one said that everything is fair.
Anyway, the 3.30 - 5.30 pm was boring.. not much to do..
oh yeah, my cousin came to buy stuff from our stall (:
2 of my nieces and 1 nephew came too.
After shift i was pretty knackered, all crumpy and stuff.
Oh yeah sharmaine came! She was there with azim her bestie.
Missed her! she bought me a hippie string thingy, i'll take picture of it when im in the mood.
now there is just too many pictures but i will post some..
V bought me a bracelet colourful like M & M's.
then i bought another 2 hippie strings. :) i just love the hippie strings .
it can be a headband, bracelet,necklace and hair tie, it has many functions and it's quite
cool! all made by Assunta.
the last minute sale was cool, it's where everyone can drop their prices
but too bad i was in a grumpy mood because of my mom..
so i did not browse around to buy stuff ):
oh well ..
but i had to get stuff for mom the pouch bag for the phone and i went to popular to buy
some books i did not have much time to browse so i only bought what i can find which
was karangan and sejarah komik book, there are still a few stuff i want to buy.

When i got home, i was so completely exhausted but i could not sleep because i had to get
ready for a small BBQ gathering at stefan's there was just a few like 3 family, and not
a very big family just a tiny one. Food was delicious. But the whole BBQ concept
thing with the smoke and everything made me stinky.
Stefan's sister michelle has such an awesome collection of books!
i borrowed 6 books from her, can't wait to read it but it has to be after exam.
i can wait (: ... i think? :P
After the food we were suppose to sing? ofcourse not me you know i wouldn't sing.
i don't sing or dance.
I nearly fell asleep while sitting on the couch was just too tired.. it was difficult to keep
my eyes open so finally my dad let me go home (:
that's about it, hope i didn't bore you to death,but to make this interesting,
i post some pictures.

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