Saturday, August 22, 2009


the yacht in the club

my car tolling my boat :P


Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.
okay so i just finish watching this thriller movie ORPHAN.
It's a stupid psychopathic movie.
I am never ever going to watch this kind of movie again.
After watching this movie i was literally shaking.

Anyways sorry for not updating i wanted too but i did not have the mood.
Starting on thursday , the day is started my holiday (:
Me and my sisters did not go to school, we followed our mom and dad to the yacht club.
we tolled our boat there.
It was a cool place i have pictures in facebook though.

Friday which is today.
Went to pyramid.
Skated for a bit.
met my classmates :P
everyone ponteng ponteng!

forgot to mention confirm 1 case H1N1.
so lucky we did not go school.

anyway today was a shopping day. first pyramid then summit.
We went to summit with my cousin.
i bought 2 books.
My sister's keeper and BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! (finally i own it.)

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