Saturday, August 15, 2009

Canteen Day'

How did my day go?
well surprisingly it went well..
although some parts are boring but you can't have everything perfect right?
When i woke up today , my ear has this echo sound and i still have it untill now.
*go away sound!*
it's really annoying , i did not have any problem waking up actually :)
Dad drove us to school.
The beginning was boring because they had speech and prize giving *snore*
congrats to those who got the prize though.
After that we had some performance it was Malay, chinese and then indian dance.
it was good! *thumbs up*
We camwhored ,will post the pictures up soon probably on facebook.
I'll think about it, arraso? :P
it wasn't really a camwhored. I look ugly anyway..
V belanja me pizza and donut :P too bad i did not take a picture of it
i was enjoying it too much i suppose.
LEO had a talent show and there was one group who danced to MJ song
they were AWESOME!
Timmy came to our school, stef's costume was cool!
Hmm.. that's about it? did not much actually just walked around.. look see look see :P

auf wiedersehen

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