Sunday, August 16, 2009

Love Drunk

woke up at 12pm today.
I wanted to online but the internet was ill.
I drove today but only into my house porch.
It was awesome (:
My sister CN tried it too , her driving was horrible but it was so funny :P
we kept on laughing and laughing.. V tried it too ofcourse my mom was beside us.
I was the best *beams* :)
Driving is fun but scary.
After that, we went Giant to buy groceries, as there's not much food left at home.
I think the food we bought will only last a week, hahahaha.
When were done paying it was raining outside and we did not have an umbrella with us
so we had to wait and wait. While waiting i was standing by the side watching people
go in and out of their cars it was quite interesting, LOL!
Watched Princess Hour, i forgot how awesome this korean drama was :P

1 more week ♥

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