Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get a life (:

Been doing loads lately.
Yesterday i went to the lagoon with tim,joe,ninn,vic,simon and yuuka.
it was a bunch of fun!
First ride was this i can't remember but something with "lost" hahah!
it was a roller coster thing we set on it twice actully 3 times in total.
i can't seem to put my head up because it tickles my tummy, HAHA!
and then we set on the cobra ride thingy, sorry cause i can't remember the ride names.
The first time we did not get really wet but the second time i got totally wet but it was
fun fun FUN!
After that the round boat thingy? hahah! i was trying to move away from the water getting me.
It was funny. Surprisingly not many people were there so we did not really have to queue up.
we ride on it twice too (:
actually there's nothing much to do there when you actually go there every year and don't know
how many times in a year..
the rest went for the 360 boat thingy, it looked real scary haha i can see them all
scared to death went the thing stayed upside down for my second gosh i don't know
how they got the courage *salutes them*
we went for one of the africa slide thing i got totally wet there. HAHA!
was awesome.
After that we head to the mall and had our dinner? we had KFC it was good after
having loads of fun in the themepark.
The food there is like so freakinly expensive and little!
after dinner we decided to watch a movie .
few of them went back but stef and jeet came, we watched i love you, beth cooper.
It was seriously hilarious! the movie was okay :)
that was about what i did yesterday.
will get pictures soon ^^

p.s whoever you spammer are ,spam all you want after all it's a free country right?
thanks for the comments i'll just happily accept it.
and i hope you get a life, if you ever.
i feel very sorry for you (:
anyways , take care :)

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