Sunday, August 9, 2009

ich vermisse dich

Was suppose to wake up at 8 today but i guess i was too tired, got an intercom
phone call from my mom, that woke me up.
Got ready for a day out to midvalley.
My aunt, Grandaunt, grandma, mom, my sisterS and i went.
It wasn't that interesting, it was actually annoying because first of all it's a saturday.
So the traffic is just terrible and what more is the mall is pack with humans so we can
hardly enjoy our shopping.
Walked for abit and after that we got fedup so we just had MCD for lunch and went home.
We watch 1 episode of BoF :)
at about 6 ish had to start making our fruit salad it looks not delicious but it isn't that bad
when you try it, i'll get the picture's on asap.
at about 8 we left and went to one of the hoster house for AFS as we had an AFS gathering.
The Fruit salad was meant to be a german dish.
Met a few people there , i did not talk much to them.
one of them was philip , and the other i cannot remember his name.
There were also AFS returnees the one who went abroad for a year.
They all said it was a good experience and i would really love to go for this program!
all in all this gathering was a success (:

"don't wait"

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