Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fashionista ♥

Me , Dad and schatz ♥ (vicky) hahaha

glimpse of the models.

i love this ♥



School was awefully boring without yvonne and her loud noise :P.
4C only 13 people came, cool aye? HAHAHA!
I did not have any mood to study at school.

i was pretty lonley because 2 of my buddies DID NOT TURN UP TO SCHOOL!

you're excused this time.
Today i went for this fashion show by Anya Hindmarch.
It's a brand from london i think.
it was awesome.
Everyone was so fashionable there even this little girl i saw.
We had cocktails and omg the chocolates was just so Delicious!
They were also so delicate looking but i couldn't resist it anyway i put it into my mouth
and it's in my stomache now. HAHA!
The fashion show was cool, not all the models were pretty.
They are actually so skinny. But i really like this one coat it's so nice but the price is
$$$ not affordable for me.
Even the bag is like Rm2000 + .
Serena C was there she had blonde hair, it was kind of cool and her outfit was chick lit :P

made by,yours truly :)

Not forgetting tuition, i brought my camera so we were camwhoring :P

P.S should i try out to be a prefect? comment.

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