Wednesday, August 12, 2009


this days there are so many complications in live.
Haven't been doing much really.
On monday i skipped tuition because i followed my parents to a police dinner function thing.
Something to do with appreciation giving award for them, i think?
it was kinda boring. S.A.M and V were there too.
I had to help take pictures.
I tell you the way they serve to food is seriously SLOW.
I think even the tortoise is faster.
Tuesday did not do much, school and tuition?
oh yeah not forgetting BOF (:
Today i don't know why but i was so freaking sleepy in school.
I've been feeling sleepy in school almost everyday the teachers are just too uninteresting.
During moral, another teacher came in to teach us how to answer our moral spm papers.
That was seriously boring i tried to listen but i just couldn't i serious fell alseep
but i immediately wake up because teacher can see me if i fall asleep.
Then the last 2 periods my maths teacher was absent and we had substitute teachers
but we could do anything, so i just slept till the last period i was talking with friends for a bit..
that is how interesting my life gets.. NOT!
"not mad at you."

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