Friday, May 22, 2009


Finally the WEEEKEND!
3 more agony days of exam left!
3 more days till i Officially turn 16!
Time really flies.

Accounts exam today wasn't too bad!
Thanks to my dear Aina! She helped me study 1 hour before exam.
Here's a story about yesterady:
i was suppose to study but again i didn't had the mood, felt depressed?
i don't know why..
Anyway, i had my afternoon nap and then most of the time i was on the computer
being Bored!
Baked some cupcakes for the shop.
watched abit of American Idol, great finale
Those two bitches were really hilarious!
The first girl, tatiana she was told to sit there and they will hand her the trophy but she went to the stage anyway and sang eventhough there was like 2 bodyguards there to take her down but she still got away, so FUNNY!
Next was katrina? if im not mistaken aslo known as 'bikini girl'.
i think she got a boob job or something lol because her nungas were bigger then the last time.
Kara the forth judge , she sang and she was AWESOME!
We thought she and that bikini girl was gonna like have a cat fight or something but nothing happen:P

S.O.D You Belong To Me by Taylor Swift

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