Saturday, May 9, 2009

100th Post :)

Wooo! Finally i've reached my 100 post, congratulates myself*
The picture above is aina and my doing when we were so bored in physics class.
We were trying to escape class with a good reason but neither had any so we didn't have a choice.
cool, aye? (=
So i already have 6 of the private series books :) I finished reading
inner circle and Legacy
Both were fairly interesting, Now i'm currently reading the 7th book ambition.
I don't know what i think of it yet.
can't wait to get the Next book Revelation.
People who loves to read should totally read this series.
It's saturday means i have exactly 3 days to freaking study!
OMG , study the word blinds me.
Have to work at dad's shop today )=
Good news is i get paid or i wouldn't have work at all, Hahahaha.


Song of the day : cinta ini membunuhku.

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