Saturday, May 2, 2009


I'm at my hometown now.
My Cousin tutored me just now add maths and physics she's going to continue tomorrow when she wakes me up at 6. T.T She went to sleep already, early sleeper and an early riser.
She's going to wake up at 4 am to study. Grandma calls her rubber tapper. Except she's not going to do rubber tapping but studying. I seriously don't know how she keeps up with this.

I finished the 2 storybooks i bought yesterday, yes i read it all in a day.
I must have gone crazy but it was so irresistible .
I really need the next book 'inner circle' , 'legacy' and 'ambition' .
Midterms are like really soon, i have exactly 1 more week to study. OMG!
Probably am so doom.

So much to study in so little time.
typical, always worried at the very last, hahaha that's normal..
Well i suppose i have to get back to memorizing all this chemistry crap before tomorrow my cousin will murder me or something.


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