Tuesday, May 5, 2009


What a day.
Anyway, School was boring as usual.
During physics me and aina was tyring to figure out how to bail physics .
Honestly, the boring-ness subject ever.
So we only got to bail for about almost half an hour by doing some errant.
Then, had nasi lemak for lunch, had YE meeting.
After lunch went outside school field near the housing area for ruben's birthday!
walked with edwin, zi yang. Met the others there.
So here comes the drama.
(anonymous) and (anonymous) was like walking back to school.
Out of no where a car came , it was driving quite fast and almost HIT aina.
We though what this crazy driver thinking and then Sangie was like that's my parents.
Then we gave her puzzled looks.
Suddenly both her parents park at the side and both of them came out like some gangster.
(i can't exactly tell what the conversation was about because i can't really remember everything exactly.)
(anoymous) were like Stunned!
(anoymous) was the brave one, as usual.
S's Dad said " What are you doing out of school? "
A said " a friend of ours (anoymous) was having a small gathering for his birthday"
S wanted to say "friend.."
Then , S's dad said " Shut Up" (how rude).
We were kinda shock at how the way the father speak to sangie like that.
S's Dad "Does your parents let you come out of school?"
A" yes"
S's mom " we don't allow sangeetha to be out of school"
S's dad " tells sangie to get in the car.
They went in the car and left abrubtly. How RUDE!
As if some gangster only.

honestly, I am shocked at a disgraced grown up behaviour.


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