Tuesday, September 29, 2009


T H A T ' S S O R A N D O M !

i get inspired at very random times.
While sitting in the car.
While walking around.
it just POPS UP!

The weather now is BLOODY hot but i think
it's raining soon :]
i love rain, don't you?
it makes malaysia cooler.

P8 is going to have a Latern Festival gathering in the park
this Saturday, so if anyone's interested please do come..
{and entertain me.. :] }

should i join dance class?
or not?
Thinking hard*

it's OCTOBER soon.
DAMN the time past like so freaking fast.
the year is over.
(well soon very soon)
NOOO! i don't want it to end..
Form 5 is going to be a DAMN serious year.
I hate S E R I O U S.
But i guess we should just move along :]

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