Tuesday, September 22, 2009



Had to wake up early again,
Another eventful day.

Had to go to my cousin's wedding tea ceremony.
Our family is not very close to this family..
Because their abit of the far far side relative..
not the close one, my dad's side so their all
talking chinese.. HAHA!
here's a big problem when you don't understand
chinese, you can't really communicate with them.
Tea ceremony was nice, it's funny when they had
to play old traditional game where the groom had
to play all kinds of games to get to his bride :P
Next time when i get married i'll stick to this
traditions, it's cool to see the groom fight their way
to their LOVE.

The minute i reached home i went to my bed and
fell asleep, i was too tired to be awake.. HAH!
i slept for quite long i think about 12? untill 3.
We got ready for the wedding dinner at 6.
I wore a black strappy dresss that my cousin gave me.
Dinner was great, that had pictures screening in the wedding
and the pictures of the couple are so sweet!
there's one picture of them kissing it was like so *AWW*
The food was nice and very feeling.
I drank like so much of tea that my stomach was filled with water.
Oh yeah, im quite use to wearing HEELs now, i love them now :D

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