Sunday, September 20, 2009


with the sports minister.

picture of me in my kebaya

shaking hands with the PM's wife.

my cupcakes :P

I need to blog about my day now if not
i'll be lazy to do it tomorrow but
i am starting to have a headache.

Let's begin with the morning.
Woke up at 9 am got dress for our day out.
It was one BUSY day.
My stomach is really BLOATED
and i mean really, my belt felt like it was
poking my tummy.

Everyone that means the whole PPP group
gathered at Datuk M kayveas house first before
heading of to the PM's house, yes actual official house.
Everyone wore the baju kebaya and my dad wore ofcourse
baju melayu with songkok he look so cute in it , haha
I was also wearing high heels and my leg HURTS from it
but i love those pink shoes :P like ballet shoes.

We had to walk up hill to the PM's house because
we can't park inside , yes walk with my high heels
can you imagine how painful, at that moment it wasn't
that bad yet.. Anyways, the front of the house is A M A Z I N G.
Like out of the movies or something the front is so grand .
All the YB,Datuk's , diplomats and ambassadors were there.
It was so cool when all the cars went in to drop off the ambasadors.
Their cars had their coutry flag infront, and i tell you the cars are
so freaking nice and luxarious , ofcourse.

the interior design inside the house is very modern and is like really
huge , felt like staying inside there, it's something like the white house
except ofcourse the white house is probably bigger.
Oh yeah, we went into the VIP section that's why we can get in and dine
in with all the VIP people :P
it was like cool!

I saw this family, mom says the dad is a diplomat but anyway
they have a cool family!
they had a daughter and 2 sons, one son is adopted because he was a
different race.
Anyway the son is quite good looking but his still maybe like 13?
His quite tall, the way they are dressed up is like so cute,
the girl was wearing a white polo dress and the son a tux white and black.
their family looks like those on tv you know the rich kind? like
royal family? not exactly royal, ok more like politicians.
The dad is quite good looking also, (btw they are AMOR)
i shooked hands and took picture with Jacklyn victor, the first
Malaysian idol winner, she was very nice (:
I also shook hands with the PM but it was more like a "touch and go".
Because he had to shake hands with like so many people anyway and i
think he hadn't had his lunch yet , poor him.
Here comes the hard part, we had to walk all the way
downhill and it was drizzling, my heels were really killing my leg
I think i have a few blister on my legs.
My Poor Poor Leg.

with jacklyn victor

Next raya house was to our neighbours house, Aunty Datin Laila.
Almost everyone left already when we got there but we just went
to drop by that's all.
After that we went home first to change my heels, to a LOWER one.
I felt better wearing it but it still hurts, actually it still hurts now.
I think i need to put a pillow under it, hahah !

Today is actually Datuk kayveas daughter 15th birthday so
we had to go all the way to midvalley to celebrate her 15th with her.
85% were adults, we were the only few kids.
Anyway, i have to most DELICOUS buttercake ever, ofcourse
it's delicious because it was from secret recipe.
My stomach started bloating there, it was seriously really good.

Mom's ex boss house was next, that was where we could enjoy
actual good food, not cake or the pm's house where you can't
really enjoy a homecook meal.

finally our last destination was to my Uncle's house.
We just had cookies and stuff because neither of us
had any more space to stuff food into ourselves :P


(will upload pictures, tomorrow)

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