Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saranghae ♥


I have to say this i actually love LACHATA!
F[x] is such a cool KOREAN girl band :P
RACHEL! that girl who looks like a guy is HOT (:
i believe you now , HAHAHAAH !
i know this is so not me~
im not lesbian or anything im still straight.
at first, i wasn't that crazy but i kept on watching the video and i just fell inlove♥ with it.



okay enough of spazzing over korean's now.
Moving on, on what i did today.
I woke up at 5.30 am
because V had a photoshoot with the other AFS students in dataran merdeka
they had to wear any of malaysia's traditional clothes, V wore baju kebaya.
i talked to a few of them well actually it was more of my mother who did the talking
because i was shy as usual.. (:
me this girl from japan her name is KOKA
and switzerland (sorry i forgot the name)
Australia, (lol forgot again)
Germany Sophie or mary .
oh yea and i met the american guy his name is coulter :)
he looks like one of those soldiers you know.. his accent is so cool :P
btw they girl from australia she was the first batch the one who came at the begininig if jan
she sounds alot like a malaysian already.. but she still has her aussie accent :P
pictures will come in later (:

after the photoshoot, me and my sisterS went for baking at my mother's clients house
she's a british and her kitchen with all the baking utensils are like so COOL! i wish
i had them all , and the amount of story and cooking book she has is A M A Z I N G.
no kidding. we bakes chocolate fudge cake, scones and sweet patato scones.
My job was the scones
V was the chocolate fudge cake
and ninn Sweet patato scones.
All came out well and eatible i love my scones :P
they taste good with tea (:
again pictures will come in later.

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