Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am thinking of taking up a sport.
Maybe Squash or tennis?
It's boring not being as active in anything as
i use to.
Thinking of starting skating again.

Yesterday i had the longest dinner ever.
from 7 something to 10.30 ++ with my cousins.
Actually my family got there first and my aunt was late
because of the atrocious traffic.
anyway, it was fun :)

i heard like alot well not alot but a few that i know says
that their not coming to school tomorrow, and i don't want to
go either because it's going to be like so b o r i n g.
all the subjects are b o r i n g.
and i have sejarah crap i forgot.
i've got lots and lots of h o m e w o r k untouched.
need to get started on them.

I W A N T C A K E ;)

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