Tuesday, September 15, 2009



my head is now totally blank.
like empty nada zit.

i hate naps they make me grumpy when i wake up
but if i sleep the next morning i will be not tired.
RAINY day in the morning.
Felt Sleepy.

I actually finished 2 karangan's yesterday.
what crap am i talking about now!?

I hate it when i have 10th period class which is every
tuesday because then i will have to wait for that freaking van
who is not punctual.
because of that i got really pissed and i kept on cursing.
I had to call my mom and she even took like 15 minute to arrive
or was it 20? by time i was boiling mad !

First day of physics home tuition today.
it wasn't so bad.
Although i felt sleepy and nearly almost wanted to sleep.
I really wanted to pay attention and study.
i think i learned something today :D

U = initial velocity
V = final velocity
S = displacement
A = average
t = time taken

i did learn something :P

i skipped accounts, it was not intentional.
i thought Aina was going out for a while so i followed her, but we
end up heading to the prefects room and spending our time there
talking for 1 hour which i did not even realise because the time past
so fast when we were in that room.

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