Friday, March 6, 2009

Guilty , Hurt

Caught in between.
School, accounts and bm tuition is finally over.
Thank me for that, i went through the day!
*gives herself a pat*
Okay, i know i'm being silly :P
We need some sillyness now, eveything has gone well moody'.
Today, we had a new bm teacher and she's scary , i want the substitute teacher back!
This new teachers seems more strict and creepy.
Moving on, had a roll with my grandma, she spends to much in my opinion and obviously
she won't admit it, even my mom says so. She's out of control!
She spends as if there's nothing to worry about when were having a financial crisis!
Accounts tuition was surprisingly tolerable.
I fell asleep only almost once but i was awake when she gave work to do.
It if was talking' i would have probably gone to sleep.
Bm was okay as usual not as boring, time flies.

So cheers , next tuition class will only be on tueday (:

ATM : Baking Cupcakes <3

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