Thursday, March 19, 2009


First of all, michelle l came to hang out
i end up falling asleep while she was using my laptop. hehe..
in the evening i went to pyramid met aina there.
and OMG i saw this GORGEOUS GUY!
and fell inlove with him.
his name is unknown, lol but he skate's great!!
and his blonde, and his from australia that's all i know.
his freaking HOTT!
don't believe ask aina, she was there to witness it and she thinks his hot tooo!!!
*sighs, im sad that'll probably be the last time im gonna see him
His here for a holiday.. :P
wish i had taken his picture. -sob-


  1. Crap!I missed him!*Sob*-Jamie

  2. he's drop dead gorgeous... and HOT! i'm so gonna ask jennifer.. do you think she'll tell me his name? how to contact him? haha...