Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Pink Baby!

So as you know, well for those of you who are close to me you'll know that i'll be flying to Germany SOON, can't tell you exactly when. Well i actually want it to be a

Today was definitely filled with Up's and Down's.
We were late to the embassy as it closes at 11.30am, as usual mom got caught up with work. By time we arrived KL it was 11.15am and we were rushing like mad, everyone got MAD but thankfully we got there in time. I think if i were a few minutes late i wouldn't be able to already go in.
We go it, B U T..
i needed to take like a new passport picture cause the one i had was with me smiling we teeth and it seems that we can't smile with teeth..
The lady told us to come back at 1.30-3.30pm, so mom had an appointment to attend first. After the meeting we 'accidentally' met an old friend of hers, who suggested a very far walking distance (well not far but a waste of time) place to have my picture taken. Eventually we rushed back and went to KLCC walked up and down to find a place that i can take my picture. By the time,we got the picture done it was like 3.15pm and yes we have 15 minutes to go to the embassy. Luckily, it's not that FAR.
By the time i arrived in front of the embassy the guard was standing outside, he told me it was suppose to be 1.30pm but then i said till 3.30pm right? which was already is and we all know how punctual german's are. But the lady was nice enough to let me in and accept my passport,money and picture. But i have to come back again tomorrow to collect it which i could have done it all by today if i arrived a wee bit earlier. Oh well..

Here's the good part of the day, mom decided to go to Subang Parade and what she bought me
my beautiful 'Peti sejuk' Luggage, isn't it just lovely?

i would have totally done a sound effect thing but i can't unless it's a video ;P

S H O P P I N G S P R E E M O D E !
I T ' S M E G A S A L E !


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