Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hallo von deutschland!

Hello from GERMANY!
12 hours of flight wasn't so bad, slept through most of it ofcourse i woke up in between.
First impression when i went in to the boarding room was like woah 97% of them were ang moh's. I already felt like i was in another country, haha.
i set with a german family, we just shared smiles . The family were like really close to each other and it kinda made me miss my parents too.
When i first arrived the airpot we actually had to take the terminal bus to the airport and i was like what! where am i suppose to and stuff was pretty freaked out as it's my first time traveling alone but it's not so bad, alles ist gut! :')
The minute i walked out of the aiport, the whole family was there and my host dad took pictures of me, i was pretty tired from dragging both my luggage out. haha..
it felt like a dream for the whole day, i couldn't believe i was standing beside vicky again.
I met Song and josef at home, both of them are AWESOME and funny especially josef cause he speaks like SUPER FAST. i would always interrupt and go like *blasdgsjdhkasdksjkd* ahaha. You get me right? ;P
there are many things different here for example it only starts getting dark at 9pm so i would always think that it's only 7 but it's actually already 9.30pm.

But everything here is really good, i took some pictures today when i visited downtown frankfurt which i will talk about next time when i do finish transferring the pictures, for now das ist alles :P


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