Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the suspense !!!

OHMYGAWD! i have less than a week to study for my exam. ahhhhhhh!
I'm so dead ! I only remember most of the sejarah but i can't remember in straight detail only
know how the stories goes. =(( And i have to really study up my Kemahiran hidup after failing it before. -cries-
So this is what i did today. I went to school. SAM was absent no idea why. Who cares. LOL!
umm didnt do much today. Puan cik ah call me to see her today but i didnt cause i have no idea where she will be im so not going to the pejabat. HHAHAH! Scary in there. So yeah . i think she meant when ur free i think? today i went to class straight away as i saw her talking to other teachers so i decided not to disturb her. LOL! i don't wanna be a prefect or librarian their so boring jobs and i need to get good grades i cant keep up. So yeah.. they rest of the day was boring. i chatted with katy today with webcam it was hilarious. XD Soon i have to go to tuition. BOO!
oh well i better study some sejarah! hahahahah. cya's.

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