Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Aye Day.

I slept about 12 am ++. I'm not sure because i dose of without
offing my laptop. LOL! Apparently i was too tired. swt.
I woke up at 6++ because my phone alarm was BLARINGGG. But i went back
to sleep again. I finally woke up at 9 something. I couldnt find my glasses but i found it on the
floor anyway. HAHHA! What a morning. Than i came online for awhile.
Chat with some of my friends.
I had brunch near Giant. I had roti jala -yum yum- bahahhhha!
When i got home again i went straight to my room and turn on the computer. LOL!
So i had great chat with my newest e-pal from england "katy and tom"
Their a funny bunch. haahha! It was awesome we had the webcam on and everything.
I totally adore their accent. HAHAH!
I was late for tuition because i was chatting with them but it was
worth it. Tuition was and absolutely bore. With didn't do much just completed our
unfinish work. :) bahahhah! It is soooo HOT! today. Till i can dive in a bucket full of ice.
LOL! nah.. i won't seriously do that i'll get freeze. >.<
So yepp that's about it for today. We might have pizza. YAY! =)

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