Thursday, May 8, 2008


Hallo :)
Yesterday at tuition i feel ditched by SW. It got to me that SW prefer to hang out with SA.
But i got to know Kam better. She's going to tutor me. :)
Getting on with the day. I was tired today. Don't know why but i've been tired this pass few days.
I didn't do much today so there isn't much to say. I'm just stressed with the exams coming knowing that i'm dead!! LOL ! Okay im not dead. XD
I had tuition it was super super boring we got a test i got 24/40 judging by the book i wasn't too bad. ^^ hahahha. maybe i copied a few and simply do some about 10 questions. :)
well later.
17 days till Miss Cher Minn's birthday :)

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