Friday, May 2, 2008

i need a true friend, desperately.

Ni hao.
Urghh what a day. Everyday it's getting suckish. boo.
I hardly remember what i did today. letme think for a sec. ^^
Okay. I woke up at 6am than on the laptop, ofcourse. -snickers- muahhaha!
Than on the music but not too loud as my sister was sleeping. zZz..
Than i got ready for school. When i was all dressed up i chat for awhile with my fellow friends. :)
At 6.35am sharp i put my computer to sleep. Yep there is such things. hahahha!
So i went to school blah blah blah it was so boring. I was suppose to get back my sejarah
paper folio thingy from SJ but she gave it or in this case borrowed it to one of
her boy classmates i was like pissed at her but i controlled. I mean like WHAT THE HELL
is wrong with HERR!? GRR!. Okay chill..
Today i had recess with my friend YK and RC. =) they were okay i guess but
i never felt like i use to with my old friends i miss them so much.
GAWD! i feel like cyring thinking about it :'( . But everyone seems to have
gone their own way except me. poor me. a loser i am no wait A WINNER! hahahah!
-think positive minn =) - bahhahah!
Than i got home and ON the laptop straight away again. HHAAHAH!
i chatted with my friend "katy" with the webcam it was fun. hahah!
"tom" was asleep though. bahahahha!
I had tuition at umm 2.30 pm - 4pm it was super boring.
My other tuition at 5.30-7.30 pm tuition was boring too. But i guess i had some friends there
like SA and SW but i think she SW prefers more to be with SA. If SA were not there
she would definetly hang out with SA more . as what she calls - SA is her twin-
Yepp, and i'm left ALONE once again. -sighs-
I guess im that boring, huh. My life in virtual world is better.
That why i guess most of the time i stay online more often than talk to so called friends
whom makes me sad all the time.. they totally don't know how i feeel.
It's really depressing esspecially not having a best friend. ='(
well that's about it for today.
adios amigos.
muax muax!
hahahhaha !

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