Sunday, October 4, 2009


HAPPY CHUSEOK! to the koreans =]

Today was a good day =]
It started with a very tedious morning.
I could hear music blasting from the field when i woke up in the morning.
We were having a carnival thing =] and it starts at 3pm.
Had physics tuition at home with Yvonne and Ivan.
The teacher was funny =]
anyways, after tuition, me,my mom and v went to the bakery to
get some baking stuff total money spend for my baking stuff is
RM105 .
After putting the stuff home, i went to the park to look around and i had rojak it
was delicious, argh, my tummy is growling now by just
thinking of it. We walk to ashveen's house and eat at the same time.

When i went back to the field, regina arrived and soon after that rachel did.
We decided to bake cookies =] it was a big success i had lots of fun with them!
pictures will be posted later. Suprisingly it taste good for our first attempt =]

Edwin and eddlynn came after that and stefan,jeet and alot of rest were at the park
eddlynn was so cutee =] we played candles and the guys burned sticks and paper.
HAHAH! typical. We watch timmy's performance and the rest it was SUPERB!

Today was a SUCCESS!

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