Saturday, July 6, 2013

닭갈비 at Uncle jang's

Spent the day with the family watching random shows on TV and than dad decided to take us out for dinner. Ninn and i decided to take our parents to Uncle Jang (it was mostly ninn's idea) since my parents have never tried Dak Gal-bi before. This is probably my 4th time at Uncle Jang's. If you don't know what is is uncle Jang it is a Korean restaurant that serves Dak Gal-bi. Apparently it was created  in 1960's where it is served in inexpensive food in small taverns. Dalk gal-bi is made out of marinated diced chicken, chilli pepper paste based sauce and sliced cabbage, rice cake, onions and others. 

If you haven't try it, and you like korean food. This is a definite place to eat but warning its better if you don't shower first because the minute you walk in you will be hit by a strong smell from the chilli pepper paste sauce, its strong that it can make you cough, your clothes would also smell of it but the food is good! 

Can't go to a korean restaurant without having Soju! 
I don't think Soju is my thing though. I didn't really like the taste of it unless it's mix with something, teehee!

This is how it Dak-galbi looks like before it is cook. As you can see the tons of cabbages on the hot plate, underneath those cabbages were the chill paste and diced chicken.

This is how it looks like when it is cooked. We had sweet potato, rice cake, ramen and cheese on our dalk-gal bi! 

My Parents with the cute apron they had prepared in case the sauce splashes onto our clothes. 

People usually eat it with lettuce wrapped and dak gal-bi in it, it's really good!
I just had it but looking at the pictures im already hungry again! ^o^ 

in terms of price i guess its not so bad. 
They count of heads so 1 person is Rm19 (normal)
theres another one that is hot Spicy Rm22  (p.s its already spicy enough in my opinion, i can't imagine if we had chose the hot spicy one)
The side dishes like ramen, sweet potato, rice cakes they cost about Rm6/each 

There were 4 of us but we ordered for 3 person. 
Knowing my family we all have small stomach and the serving was HUGE. 
usually after we have this we would order Fried rice but this was already enough for us.

They have a few branches, the one i know is in Ampang and the one we ate was at Bandar Puteri Puchong right next to Giant. 

If you have tried it, leave a comment and tell me your experience in uncle jang =) 

안녕! ㅋㅋ 

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