Friday, July 12, 2013

Acme bar and coffee

Here is my delayed post of my trip down to Acme Bar and Coffee for Aina's Birthday! 
We were deciding if we should try food foundry or Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC) and we decided on this. If you don't know Aina and Ivan are my best friends of 5 years and.. still counting :)
The atmosphere in ABC is really nice and classy, love the decoration in it.
It is located in Kuala Lumpur so we had to do a little driving down to the city, Ivan nice as always drove us down :D heee thankyou ivan for always driving! 
I manage to take a picture of the Menu. Yes as you can see the sophisticated names of each meal, i was having a hard time deciding what to eat.. The food was good but it is a little overprice though, but it is KL we are talking about so i guess its acceptable or normal? 

This was the Buffalo Wings we shared, it was Good!

This was what i ordered, i didn't know what to choose so i just picked something safe to eat. Spaghetti Bolognese, tasted good, it wasn't so heavy and just nice (P.s luckily i didn't have any breakfast that morning or i probably wouldn't be able to finish it) but than again how different can spaghetti taste? 

Aina picked the lamb, i didn't try it but it looks really good. It was a really really big portion though so if you are not a big eater i suggest to just share it with your partner or friend :) 

Ivan chose to eat Ostrich. It doesn't sound so appetising but it wasn't so bad, not my favourite kind of meat though. 

Now this was the best part of whole meal, Sizzling Brownies with Oreo Ice Cream.
It tasted good, it looks good and it even sounds good!
You know how usually brownies are really really sweet that sometimes (it causes me sore throat, i'm not much of a sweet tooth) ? But this brownie was not too sweet and just perfect! I actually took a video and if you want to have a look at how it sizzles check it out on my instagram (@cherminnrawks)!

The gorgeous birthday girl, Aina!

All 3 of us together from left Ivan, Me and Aina :)

it's good to have my best friend back from UK, although whatsapp keeps us not very far apart. Thank you for todays technology! 
till then.

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