Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've been meaning to update , so here i am but i'll have to make a breif one because im not suppose to be online now. I'm not allowed to online on a weekday. So today was really busy like every other they. It's really hectic esspecially in class. Im sitting next to a person who has to have her site and cannot touch her share of table. i was kind of offended. But im like that in some way i just don't tell the person straight in the place. How rude. Today we had english society it was so Boring and i mean very BORING. My group consist of natasha, ying yi,michelle and yvonne. We had to find places to hide the clue for our treasure hunt game next week. Oh yeah before that, me,sangie,yvonne and michelle went to eat outside of school compound it was sort of my first time doing this kind of thing.. ok maybe not my first time but still i hardly do this. Anyway the food was good and feeling enough to make me full untill now. I don't have much homework today but i need to do some research on this topic "Menacing Mircrobes" for EST. Don't ask me what it is because i have no clue. I feel like dropping EST but i don't know how to confront teacher. I have tuition soon so will update asap.

Cher Minn x

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